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Andy Thomas
Callin' the Blue, Grand ol' Gang and True Blues are truly the most exciting project that Andy has worked on. It took weeks and piles of research material just to begin the paintings. Countless sketches of presidents and layouts were done to come up with the originals. With these two paintings Andy has captured the spirit and likeness of some of our nations greatest presidents. You can just hear the muttering between them as they play a friendly game of poker. Again, the creative side put them in the back ground of the convention centers of years ago and if you look closely you will find various items that were related to them, each in their own way. 
"Grand Ol Gang"
"True Blues"
"Callin' the Blue"
"Callin the Red"
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Imagine being privileged to sit around a camp fire with a few of the American Storytellers from different eras of our great country. This wonderful scene of these famous men gathered under a full moon to share their amazing stories could only be created by the very talented Thomas. History comes to life as these gentlemen of various walks of life recall people, events, and places. As one of the American Storytellers enthralls the group, who will be next with a great tale of his own? Can you identify each of these American Storytellers?

Andy Thomas has an amazing ability to tell a story in his paintings. In this image, many of the music world's late, great talents gather together in a scene that captures the viewer's imagination. You will recognize many of the most famous and favorite muscians and beloved icons of all time. Can you find the many personalities at this party? The greats included in this image are: Hank Williams, Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, Jim Croce, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, John Denver, Bessie Smith, Bill Haley, Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Cass Elliott, Sam Cook, Jerry Garcia, Elvis, Scott Joplin, Selena, Kurt Cobaine, Billie Holliday, Jimmie Rodgers, Patsy cline, Aaliyah, Buddy Holly, and a "mystery man." Who's the pirate, why, Andy, of course! 
"The Band Played on...."
"American Storytellers"
"The Band Played On..."
"American Storytellers"